Testimonials from parents

“We couldn’t be more pleased with the service that Joleigh provided. We were looking for a nanny for our 2 year old and our soon to be newborn. The professionalism that Joleigh demonstrated put our minds at ease. Karen is now part of our family and both of our daughters love her. We could not have found the ideal nanny without Joleigh’s help, and for that we are grateful to her.”

Mahta and Cameron

Los Angeles

“No one understands families in Los Angeles better than Joleigh Sherwood. She is truly dialed in to the community and understands that every family has different needs. We are much better for having her compassion and kindness in our lives. She helps us solve problems and make choices so that we can all maximize our time together. If your family needs to find balance, she will set you up for success. With a giant heart and sure hands, she will guide you towards your best parenting selves! Joleigh is a force of nature!”

Alyson and Michael

Santa Monica

Joleigh was our secret weapon in our nanny search! Before we found her, we interviewed so many potential candidates on our own. It was never the right fit. Joleigh came in, interviewed us at length (in our home) to really understand who are and what we were looking for. Then she matched us with potential candidates from her database and network, first by interviewing each in person and then arranging an in person interview for us. Two candidates and five months late, we are still so happy with our nanny. We really appreciate how personalized and customized Joleigh’s service is, and how her fee is much more reasonable than agencies even though her service is so much better! I always recommend our “nanny head hunter” to other families. 


Playa Vista

Testimonials from nannies

“Thank you to Joleigh and her company for the opportunity to learn new things. It’s been such a wonderful experience to work for the family, especially the babies and toddlers I get to work with.”


Los Angeles

“It is without hesitation that I recommend Joleigh and her CC Nanny Agency. As a professional Newborn Care Specialist, I am very picky with the agencies I choose to work with. Joleigh advocates for both NCS, nannies and families, which is the number one thing I look for in an agency. She was incredible to work with. Joleigh was extremely professional, responsive and personable she was so great and understanding as to what I was looking for in a position. Within a week of beginning the process, she had found the perfect family for me to meet with. I know things don’t always move that quickly, but I was so impressed with how things were handled. I am so thankful to CC Nanny Agency for finding the perfect match for me!”


South Bay

“I just wanted to thank you for everything you did. I truly enjoyed my experience working with you finding the perfect family to work with. That made my job hunting experience so much easier. You where very professional, kind and respectful. I will definitely recommend your services to anyone who’s looking to work as a nanny. Once again Thank you I truly appreciate everything!!!!”


West Los Angeles

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